Mindful Growth Hacking

The Origins

7 Paths to Becoming a Mindful Growth Hacker

This unique approach has been forged from my work and life experiences

Science teaches us that in life there are only two states, either expansion (growth) or entropy (decay).

I have learned that making sure companies transform, innovate, and grow is simply not enough.  There is a critical need for companies to transform, innovate and grow through a purpose-driven lens that benefits not only profit growth and human growth, but societal growth.

Today, we are at the cross section of psychology, neuromarketing, persuasion, hypnosis, technology, mass marketing, individualised adverts, personalization, and we have arrived at a point where growth can be achieved in a way unlike any time in the past; we really do have the true power and with that comes great responsibility.

The sum of my experience or as I call them: 7 paths to Growth Hacking Mindfully


Path 1: Born a career retailer

My Experience: Our family have been involved in retailing for generations. Comprising of a successful department store, the largest chain of independent (childrens) toy shops across the UK, multiple mail-order businesses, property rental and sales, buying groups and import/export businesses.

I worked/played there from being able to walk, spanning multiple roles from sweeping the floor to managing the leadership team.

Mindful Growth Hacker Skills Learned:

  • Beyond excellent customer service
  • Future proofing the business
  • Decision making
  • Creating meaningful user experiences
  • Business longevity requires hacking processes
  • Employee empowerment and engagement

Path 2: Chasing Dot Com Aspirations

My Experience: I created two dot com businesses that technology could not service at the time of venture capital funding and conception.  Eventually, these ideas were adopted on a wider scale and became forerunners of broadband network throughout UK, modern strategy of loyalty/rewards programs and how the back-end architecture of how websites work..

Mindful Growth Hacker Skills Learned:

  • There is an architecture to innovation and transformation
  • Management, implementation, and usage of future trends
  • Business framework of start-ups, and how to successfully raise venture capital

Path 3: Runaway Sales Success

My Experience: Working for some of the largest software companies in the world selling complex ERP system software and other software solutions while earning large pay checks and generating huge profit gains for my clients and those companies that I helped to implement these business transforming software solutions.

Mindful Growth Hacker Skills Learned:

  • Sales strategies including conceptual sales, large account management, marketing, sales planning, influence selling, and ecommerce
  • Primary engagement management
  • Large Data & System integration/ consolidation projects (transformations)
  • Banking and financial industry messaging, matching and security
  • Data Security / Email Security / Encryption
  • Golden Copy Of Data / 360 Customer View
  • Asset tagging / RFID
  • Business Process Management – Management by exception

Road 4: Breaking the Golden Handcuffs

My Experience: Two specific experiences ultimately led to me breaking my City of London golden handcuffs (NB: Golden handcuffs is where every time you try to leave you are offered more money to make you stay).  Taking a multi-year sabbatical to work within the Accelerated Learning Industry, exploring neuroscience, the power of the mind, the mind body connection and how to re-program consciousness.

The 1st of these experiences was a death experience after a night of partying when I was young man. (Which left me with a visceral experience that I had no language or references to explain, but a thirst to investigate and learn how to communicate and explain what I experienced before I was medically brought back to life).

The 2nd experience was a very serious injury where I broke my back and medical experts said surgical intervention was necessary if I ever wanted to walk properly again.

(Which I researched and cured the “hard way” without surgical intervention – this path left me again thinking very differently).

After these experiences and breaking my golden handcuffs, I was never going to work exclusively for profit maximisation without  meaningful purpose  and understanding of the greater consequences of actions taken again.


Mindful Growth Hacker Skills Learned:

  • How businesses are using neuroscience to grow
  • The importance to culture and society for self-actualisation
  • Untapped capacity of human abilities
  • The coming future of technology disruption and upheaval from artificial intelligence rivalling and then exceeding current human capacity.
  • Awareness of the delusions of human nature
  • Ability to know that the conventional wisdom is not always right even if it does prevail
  • Seeing the illusions of form and physical reality – balancing quantum and physical reality
  • Intelligence: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical
  • Indigenous wisdom and practices including shamanism
  • Ancient technology and its applications to modern day problems·Neurostratology
  • Meditation and Mindfulness

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Road 5: Building the Strategic Business Growth Practice

My Experience: Through consulting to small and large businesses alike I was able to consolidate my thinking and systemise my strategy and growth in to a model of how a business of the future looks, understanding its application, and implementation process; what businesses need to do to grow in the present and thrive in the future.


Integrating the three components of a Mindful Growth Hacker

  1. Bridging IT and Marketing to give a true 360 degree of the customer and enabling the most rewarding of customer experience
  2. Hacking through the silos that exist in businesses, hacking past boundaries and biases that arise within industry/company thinking
  3. Being mindful of the consequences of each and every action, so as to maximise the benefit and reduce the downside.

Mindful Growth Hacker Skills Learned:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Technical architecture·Marketing strategy
  • Digital experience
  • Business Transformation through Digital
  • Enabling digital optimisation (this can create incredible gains)
  • How quantum physics and metaphysics can magnify a businesses results

Road 6: Importance of Leadership

My Experience: My services, workshops, and ideas become sought after topics for corporate boards and c-suite executives.

Mindful Growth Hacker Skills Learned:

  • Top down implementation
  • Strategic planning
  • Board Governance
  • Business model innovation

Path 7: Business & Culture Transformation Expert

My Experience:  Spending a lifetime in explosive business growth has given me perspective to ‘teach leaders and companies how to fish’ rather than ‘do the fishing for them.’  I now conduct workshops, train companies and people in the thinking behind becoming a Mindful Growth Hacker, and teach the tools for innovation, creativity and transformation.

Mindful Growth Hacker Workshops Delivered:

  • Growth & Transformation
  • Digital Disruption
  • Customer Experience
  • Optimised Culture
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Ancient Future Technology
  • Mindfulness in Business
  • Psychology of the Digital Experience
  • Online Shopper Psychology
  • Growth Hacking for Retailers
  • Understanding the Digital Landscape: 2018 and Beyond
  • Quantum Physics, Metaphysics and Everything in Between
  • Conscious Marcomms
  • Executive Coaching
  • Board Advisory
  • Future Business Series
  • People & Culture
  • Growth Hacking
  • Future-Proofing
  • Conscious Communication & Resolution Creation