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Why Implement The Future Business Model™?
The Business Landscape Has Evolved.
Business As Usual (BAU) Is Broken.

Innovation, Disruption, and Transformation

How is your business positioned for today and tomorrow? If your company is not disrupting your own industry you will be disrupted. You are either growing or you are dying.

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Navigating Today: What are the competencies a company needs today to grow?

1. Awareness

Awareness of current state of workforce; the need for overall employee health, satisfaction and general psychological well-being, helping to leverage and optimise a company’s most costly resource.

2. Leadership

Demonstrate conscious leadership – Learn how to
self-actualise and how to help others to achieve same, what behaviour creates a following, how a purpose
can create a movement and ultimately how to steer evolution.

3. Appreciation

Tactical appreciation of the technological methods to optimise sales and marketing, dramatically increase revenue and decrease costs.

4. Acquisition

Insight into the current paradigm of business and how it is outdated by our current understanding of science.

5. Serving

Excelling at serving customers through blending the latest technology with the oldest service traditions.

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Succeeding Tomorrow: What are the issues a
business must master to win in the future?

1. Foresight:

The future of technology and what that means for businesses.

2. Knowledge

Knowledge of Ancient Human Technology and how this can influence a business's biggest asset – the human capital.

3. Insight

Insight in to the current paradigm of business and how it is outdated by our current understanding of science.

4. Cycles

Cycles repeat themselves – know where to look and how to interpret them.
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The 6 Megatrends that Will Transform

Business, Culture & Society

The World Economy Shifts from West to East and North to South

Consumerism and capitalism are shifting. Rapid income growth is happening in Asia, South America and Africa, where billions of people will transition out of poverty and into middle class income. There’s a lot more people that have had no money that are now coming into the workforce and creating money in those economies.

Population Change: The Study of Demographic Cycles

An aging population is shrinking the workforce.  The current workforce is not earning the same amount of money as the retiring group and is actually costing more money and not producing as much.  With the aging population comes a retired population that needs more money from the system than the current workforce can put into it.

Consumers changing desires / needs / wants

Customers are no longer simply accepting what big brands are telling them.  They’re doing a lot more research and there’s a lot more transparency because the internet shows what’s happening and customers are demanding that products are much more sustainable, much more friendly for the environment, and are much higher in quality.

Emergence of harmonics, energy, quantum physics, and metaphysics

Ancient arts, metaphysics, harmonics, energy and the latest in the science of quantum physics are all coalescing together to a point which is bringing forth a new worldview.

Workforce demanding purpose (transcending profit) outside of this mechanical material world.

As a society we want to work for an organisation that has a profit, and has a purpose that transcends profit maximisation, which means that the experience of working for that business will be worth an investment of time as opposed to just doing it for the money.  That’s a massive trend.

Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Computing

Quantum computing will become mainstream and will lead to Agi-artificial general intelligence which is the same intelligence as a person and so it has the ability to know what things are and identify and pattern spot.  The next level is artificial superintelligence, which is smarter than the entire human race put together.