Conscious Digital Transformation

Conscious Digital Transformation

The speed to technology is accelerating.
The consequences of our actions are having further reaches into future than ever before. We must be conscious about what we are doing.

There is no denying that digital has and is changing the world we live in and that companies must adopt to current technology and prepare for new technologies. What has worked in the past, simply won’t work anymore. The old approaches no longer are relevant. Industries have gone out of date. Business as usual is dead, we just, like the chicken without its head, haven’t fully accepted the profound and fundamental shift that is occurring in our midst. What are you going to do about it?

Mindful Growth Hacker

With the new technology and our developed understanding of psychology, we can almost get anyone to anything at any time-with this comes opportunity.

From understanding how to track and optimise digital behaviour, to providing an enhanced customer experience, to micro-targeteting individuals with specific messages-just for them, we can now make our digital marketing and sales machine efficient and effective.

Once we have done this we need to start asking different questions. Is our current approach to business working? Is your current business model using perceived obsolescence and planned obsolescence? What happens when we start looking at new models, where stakeholder value is maximised? Less about volume of throughput in a linear system and more about honouring the holistic interconnectedness of everything in the system.

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The Conscious Agency

Advertising agencies, branding, marketing:
currently it is all about fear, uncertainity and doubt.

Most advertising campaigns are built around the projection that people are not enough as they are, that if they buy this one last thing (which of course is continuously followed by the next last thing ongoingly), then they will suddenly solve all their ills and feel better. The whole machine is an unhealthy projection that feeds the psychological illness that society is suffering, which of course is kind of (but not really) ok, as long as it isn’t you, your children or your friends who suffer.  This is a conscious awakening for those who have attained financial success through the system and realise how hollow financial success is on its own. Learn what an alternative model looks like and how when the world catches one, the current model will be rendered uncompetitive!

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Business Shaman Within

Not for the faint hearted. This exclusive book is the workbook for those that realise that organisations will never truly perform at their best until they are fundamentally healed of all their ills.

The underlying concept of this book is the fusion between Shamanism, sacred geometry, quantum physics and common sense. Shamanism is based on the belief that everything is living and has a spirit. (In a technological world, we could explain this as everything is energy and all energy contain information). Holding the keys to existence, shamanic rituals link between our plane and higher planes of existence, they link to the spirit world in order to heal, work with the dead, influence the environment, and uplift consciousness. All things that are urgently needed by the modern organisation. Think of this book as the employee manual for the most important job role within any organisation. If you are not healing, then you are hurting. There will be no place for that in the future.

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My Top 13 Most Influencial Reads

Books that have helped shape the way I think and had the most influence on my world.

I have a fascination with Why. When I was a kid I used to drive my parents mad with my continual questioning “why”, for me everything needed an explanation, often even the explanation itself. I just couldn’t take things at face value, I always needed to understand for what reason.

The books in this pile all challenge the status quo, the conventional thinking of things by the masses. No longer is it possible to ignore the ongoing body of work that puts each of us in the drivers seat of our own destiny.

These are just some of the reads that will help you reflect against your own thinking and introduce some new concepts to you that will change your world forever.

Everything is connected.

Updates on Influential Reads