Advance Your Business with Innovation, Creativity, & Transformation

Future Business Growth: Speaker Series


Each phase will infuse innovation and transformation into your company. Discover your company’s potential, prepare to grow, and embrace the future.

Phase 1.
People & Culture

Learn what a conscious business is and how to optimise human potential energy.


Phase 2.
Growth Hacking
There are four strategic pillars to growth: systems and processes, marketing and sales alignment, people, and holomimicry.  This module will explain how to apply them in your company.


Phase 3.
Future Proofing Business
Conscious businesses will thrive in the future. This course explains how to transform your business into a conscious business and what future technologies will have the greatest impact on your business.


Workshops Customised to Your Organisation's Challenges

The Future Business Growth Model will infuse your organisation with innovation, allow you to disrupt your industry before you are disrupted and transform your business into the digital age.

The Future Business Growth Model


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Workshops: Business Shaman

shaman image

Disparate Elements Brought Into
Harmony for your Business

Workshops contain elements that will break business as
usual for your organisation, utilize principles of quantum
physics, carve a path of innovation, and employ ancient


We will join my spiritual shamanic teacher on this homage to the red rock and the spirits that want to teach us, to open us, and to help guide us to a more conscious dream.


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Shamanic Initiation
Conscious Dreaming in
Sacred Dreaming Circle

This is an invitation to enter deeply into the art of dreaming consciously. The experiences you have will lead you to a deeper level of conscious choice in the dream of your life.


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Shamanic Initiation
Connecting to the
Crystalline Intelligence

Renown Shaman Daniel Stone will lead us and it is the intent of this circle to feel the open heart of the planet Earth. Touching the heart center of the planet will rekindle in our own memory of the SACRED CONTRACT we have with the Earth and with the universe.


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