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Thomas' Events Always Get You Thinking About Ways to Grow Your Business

Philosophy of the Business of Tomorrow

Want to think and act like a business of tomorrow?

During a lunch and learn Tom will come and discuss with you and your team:

  • How the current business landscape is being affected by technology.
  • What needs to happen to the people and the culture of the organisation to prepare, act and jump ahead of any disruption
  • How current technology and thinking can be used to massively optimise the business and marketing to increase profit.
  • How to start thinking about wholesale business change and to prepare for the technology changes/disruptions currently only on the horizon.

Join our regular meet-ups to discuss conscious business

The Conscious Club hosts recurring events centred around three themes:

  • Conscious Conversation: Thoughtful discussions (over curries, of course)
  • Conscious Coins: Cryptocurrency and its potential for social good
  • Conscious Business: How we, as business owners and professionals, can succeed as individuals, while making the planet a better place for everyone else.

We believe in kindness, smart thinking, and throwing a little fun into everything we do.
We welcome all ages, genders, and curry preferences. Please, join us.

Take a Look

Conscious Car Pooling - YouTube Channel

All about sharing our gifts consciously with the world.

This channel is about being interviewed while getting a lift – you tell Thomas where to pick you up and where you are going – then Thomas will make a recording of the conscious conversation.

Picking You Up Soon