When businesses repeat learned behaviour, and learned thought processes, they are practicing business as usual in their thinking and will soon find their business out of business.


What is Business As Usual (BAU)?

Business as usual is repeating the same business thinking and is built on an adversarial art of war style thinking.


BAU is characterised by

  • consumption
  • profiteering
  • acquiring
  • profit as the end game


People and companies using BAU think only about profit. (Seldom about the environment). They think about profit before they think about the value exchange of the goods with their customers.


Why is BAU dead?

We are going through this transformation to mindfulness. This Age of Abundance has left people unhappy. It’s left people working harder than ever.


The old way of doing things was building monopolies. Monopolies don’t work anymore because what once was really easy to control and really easy to dominate – isn’t anymore due to technology.


An example of B.A.U. includes the militarisation of intellectual property, as an example: a company  “owns” the right to a widget and for the next 30 years the company will defend its intellectual property with lawyers and police and military to the point where nobody else can actually copy what it is doing until that stops. That’s an old way of doing business. It’s an old way of doing business because that means that there’s no real innovation for those 30 years other than inside that company that owns the intellectual property and imagine if we transformed in to a world where ideas weren’t owned, you could only own the implementation of those ideas and that meant that when you develop something, you have to add, to continually keep increasing, improving and developing the idea better, increasing the speed of change. (This is already happening to some companies doing business in China).


Why Change?

Fundamentally customers are demanding it.  Customers are starting to become much more discerning. They’re starting to know more about products than the sales staff. They are able to look at a huge array of options.  They thought they were customers and didn’t realise they were being treated as consumers and therefore behaving as consumers. People are waking up from the consumerist haze.


People want business as usual to change because they are no longer happy with the consequences of the way businesses are treating the environment, the people working within the business, their customers. How businesses are manipulating governments and regulators…


As businesses become more mindful and change their conscious awareness, there will be a difference to the thinking within organisations. There will be a difference to the thinking within the business landscape, across industries.


Benefits that come from transcending the current business as usual thinking may not necessarily all be immediate revenue gains, but that is because the profit scoring mechanism is part of the Business as usual paradigm. There is going to be a lot of disruption.


 The Benefits of Change

Businesses that are full of conscious individuals and are creating new ways of doing things, new business models, new future technology will succeed, prosper, and disrupt their industries while winning the marketplace and meeting the demands of conscious customers.


They will be the ones left standing!

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